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In February 2017, HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. has become the designated supplier, and the establishment of friendly cooperation and technical exchanges!


In 2016, the company became a qualified supplier of bell electric vehicle, reached strategic cooperation, and established a profound friendship and technical exchange!


In 2015, the company became a qualified supplier of SHIN TECH group and provided a number of technical guidance to establish a good cooperative relationship!


In 2020, we will cooperate with XCMG, one of the top 500 enterprises, to lay a business foundation for expanding the construction machinery industry!


Our service

1. All products are tested before shipment, to ensure the safety of the product quality; 2. Support customer logo printing, customized special specifications (MOQ please contact our customer service consulting); 3. Welcome to customized drawings and samples;


Quality Assurance

Our quality control department strictly controls the whole process, from incoming materials to finished products inspection. Ensure all quality and properties are in line with international standards.。

  • From Taiwan Technology

    10 years experience in R & D and manufacturing
    10 years focus button switch industry, all technical and key members from the large Taiwan funded switch company, experienced, skilled, to ensure the design, development, manufacture of high quality products in line with market demand.
  • Button complete

    Meet the needs of various industries, can be customized according to the requirements of development
    At present, our conventional products have diameter:ф8mm、ф10mm、ф12mm、ф16mm、ф19mm、ф22mm、ф25mm、ф28mm、ф30mm、ф40mmSeries metal indicator lamp and metal button switch。Water level can be up to IP67.The highest anti riot performance can reach IK10 level. Mechanical life can reach up to 1 million times. Can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Company qualification certificate

    Authoritative third party certification to ensure product quality
    All products have been strictly evaluated by the third party testing agency CE RoHS IP67 IK10, in full compliance with the laws and regulations of many countries and regions, and achieved national trademark certificate and a number of product patent certificate.
  • Quality delivery commitment

    We regard the quality as the life of the enterprise; delivery
    Regular sample delivery date, delivery of goods within 3~7 days delivery. Quality commitment: all our products out of the library after a year of quality assurance, within one year for the destruction of the product itself is not the quality of our company for free replacement or repair.
  • Client applications

    Products are widely used all over the world, exported to many countries and regions
    The product involves many markets, including the automotive industry, the electric car industry, household appliances, industrial equipment, instrumentation, communications equipment, fitness equipment, medical cosmetology, aviation, defense and transportation and other fields; and the number of listed companies and aviation technology, military research institutions to maintain good communication technology.
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Company: GUANGDONG HOSONG Button manufacturing CO., LTD.

Contact: 張先生

Tel: +86 0769-86302535

Phone: +86-180-2522-7237

E-mail: hosong@hosong.cn

Address: (China) Shijie village, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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